After the integration is complete, payments to AgaveCoin will be available in all PAX, Worldline / Ingenico and SUNMI terminals, after adding the ivendPay application

IvendPay is a developer of a cryptocurrency payment service of the same name for retail and automated trading. The commercial use of the ivendPay service began in 2019. Hong Kong’s vending networks were the first to connect to ivendPay, then they became available to merchants in Montenegro, Malta, South Africa, Zimbabwe and beyond — wherever PAX, Worldline / ingenico or SUMMI POS terminals are used. 20 cryptocurrencies are integrated into the ivendPay system: BTC, ETH, BNB, BCH, LTC. All or any of them can be made available by merchants for payment.

ivendPay is a certified application development partner for the global manufacturer of PAX, Worldline / ingenico and SUMMI payment terminals. For owners of terminals and vending machines, connection to ivendPay is completely free and is done via API. After adding ivendPay, the payment terminal can accept payments in cryptocurrency, which is credited to the merchant’s account or converted into national currency at the request of the owner.

Users does not need to use a separate payment application — just bring a smartphone with any crypto wallet to the .terminal and read the QR code. Paying via ivendPay is as easy as using your usual credit card.

AgaveCoin Global S.A.

AgaveCoin Global S.A. the owner of AgaveCoin (AGVC), operates in partnership with Tequila solorzano under Mexican law as an agricultural producer. AgaveCoin Global S.A. produces agave using cost-effective production strategies without overusing fertilizers.

According to Jonathan Miranda, co-Founder AgaveCoin, the business model is based on acquiring and renting poor, underdeveloped and desert lands that are best suited for growing agave. Production technology implies the restoration of such lands, as well as the involvement of small and medium-sized farmers in highly efficient agriculture, who do not have access and funds to apply modern technologies.

According to the co-founder of AgaveCoin Global S.A. , owner of Tequila Solorzano -Alfonso Solorzano ,  the company has already involved 200 hectares of agave growers in the AgaveCoin ecosystem and intends to expand the plantations to 2,000 hectares. At the same time, AgaveCoin Global SA. specialists maintain constant personal contact with agave producers to monitor compliance with the cultivation technology.

Jonathan Miranda, co-Founder Agave Coin – There are no unscrupulous performers among AgaveCoin Global S.A. partners — we control the ecosystem participants from growing agave to obtaining products of its processing. Owning your own agave fields will allow AgaveCoin to become the basis for the execution of contracts for futures trading, build trust in the system and ensure that all parties to the transaction — the owners of tequila brands (creators of smart contracts with a guaranteed price for agave), farmers, processors — get their benefits.

As the AgaveCoin ecosystem develops, it includes not only manufacturers of agave, tequila and mezcal, but also manufacturers of insulin, additives, bioplastic products, ethanol and their other products and derivatives. The use of AgaveCoin as a means of payment within ecosystems and a means to attract external investments allows AgaveCoin Global S.A. to constantly increase the volume of agave production areas in order to occupy up to 15% of the market.

Jonathan Miranda, co-Founder Agave Coin:

If you are a fan of tequila and want to support Mexican farmers and private distilleries, then pay for tequila in bars and supermarkets with AgaveCoin AGVC token ) . These funds will definitely be used to expand agave plantations and stabilize raw material prices. We have created an ecosystem where people from all over the world can participate in the cultivation and processing of agave in Mexico, without wasting time and without having expert knowledge in the field. Integration into the ivendPay payment service will allow token holders to make a step from the blockchain into the real economy, where cryptocurrencies will be converted into real goods on store shelves. When buying alcoholic beverages, AGVC holders will receive a guaranteed cashback from AgaveCoin Global S.A.”

Sergey Danilov, CEO of ivendPay: – If POS terminals in bars or shops cannot accept cryptocurrency, advise the owners to install the ivendPay payment application. The application is completely free, installed via API and verified by the world’s largest payment terminal manufacturers. You can pay with AgaveCoin and other cryptocurrencies from the world TOP-20 through ivendPay from any crypto wallet.

AgaveCoin (AGVC)

AgaveCoin is an ERC20 utility token designed to be exchanged for various agricultural futures contracts. The initial value of the token is derived from the value of AgaveCoin Global S.A. shares and its assets.

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Owning its own and partner agave fields will allow the company to become a platform for the execution of contracts for futures trading with AGVC payment. Settlements using the token will give farmers a firm price for agave for business planning, agave processors — a predictable market for raw materials, brand owners of agave products (creators of smart contracts) — the opportunity to purchase products at attractive prices, investors — a growing AGVC involved in the real market, as well as tangible cashback when buying ecosystem goods at retail.

Sergey Danilov, CEO of ivendPay:

– The AGVC token is interesting to us not only as another cryptocurrency added to our service, but also as a tool for attracting new technologies and investments in agriculture. The agave industry has tremendous growth potential and AgaveCoin Global S.A. enables small farmers and family businesses to benefit from participation in the global market.

You can buy and sell AGVC on the Swiss crypto exchange Dcoin, SouthXchange, Coinlim and other platforms.

AgaveCoin Global S.A. I is ready to offer merchants special conditions for converting AGVC into national currency or US dollars.



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