Repurchasing  AGVC available in market with strategy using profitability of the Agave and Tequila Business. The global project expands to 20,000 hectares of planting. More than 1,000 Tequila and Mezcal Brands actively participate in the AgaveCoin Project. Starting operations of the AgaveCoin foundation with the construction of a house for the girls orphanage Familia Cristiana [...]

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Diversify AGVC usability. More new agreements for the implementation of blockchain and Agave Industry Harvest of 1,000 to 2,000 hectares of Agave, participating from 8% to 15% of the total Agave global production. The AgaveCoin price finally is linked to the Agave's kilogram price in Tequila Industry AGVC PRICE $ 1.5 USD (aprox.)

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June 2019

Activate Smart Contracts platforms for operation with Agave Growers at AgaveCoin Office. Relase online shop for all Agave products using Agavecoin criyptocurrency The associated Tequila and Mezcal brands buy AgaveCoin to include one AgaveCoin in each bottle.

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May 2019

Agave Biosystems Iniciative Laboratory. Locking Unsold Tokens (for sale in Exchanges with NO UNDERVALUING  CURRENT PRICE) Start the first Agave growing block in AgaveCoin Fields

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March 2019

SECOND PHASE ICO Start  1 AGVC = $ 0.015 USD AGVC available in important exchanges. IOS / Android app development. Smart Contract platform developed for Agave industry. 1,000 / 1,700 hectares Negotiated for agave production by AgaveCoin.

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January 2019

AGVC Tokens wallet/app Development AGVC in 5 Exhanges to activate Market Office installation for AgaveCoin in Mexico AgaveCoin Logo in Trust Wallet AGVC Listed on CoinMarketCap Investment in Destiladora Mexicana (Tequila Distillery)

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December 2018

First Phase ICO Start  1 AGVC = $ 0.01 USD AGVC Token available on various exchanges.

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October 2018

AGVC Private Sale Opening Partnership with Tequila Company: Tequilas Selectos de Amatitán

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June 2018

AgaveCoin Global S.A.  company foundation. Website and WhitePaper release. Partnership with Import/Distributor Single Barrel US LLC, boosting the Tequila industry.

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May 2018

250 Hectares ready and contracted for Agave plantation. Partnership with Tequila Brands: Tequila Solórzano Tequila Canicas Tequila Acúmbaro Tequila Copita

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